Post Production

Dialogue Editing

We have a robust pipeline for handling hundreds of thousands of lines of dialogue.

Working with our in-house and external dialogue editing teams, we can handle a massive number of lines of dialogue in a short amount of time while our robust QA process ensures that everything is consistent and sounds as good as possible, no matter the project size.

Dialogue Integration, Mixing & Mastering

Ensuring that everything sounds consistent, triggers correctly in-game and can be heard at all times.

Ensuring all character mix levels and tone of recordings are consistent can be daunting, primarily if you’ve worked with remote talent using different mics in different rooms. We pride ourselves in having previously managed complex problems like this and have the expertise to get the best quality sound, no matter the scenario. We can also help with the entire integration process, no matter which engine or audio middleware you use.

Performance Capture Cleanup, Retargeting & Integration

We can handle the complete animation cleanup and retargeting process and integrate the final animations into your project.

This can often be a complex stage for any mocap or performance capture process. However, our experienced team would happily handle this process for you, providing the final cleanup of animation assets or managing the final integration and in-engine testing.

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