Script & Dialogue Prep

Testing Dialogue
For Natural Speech

Making sure your dialogue flows and has the potential to sound as good as possible.

It’s common to find that written dialogue doesn’t always work when spoken out loud and appropriately performed by a Voice Actor. This is especially the case with dialogue translated from another language. We offer consulting and script review services around this key issue, ensuring that, with subtle changes, your scripts will rise off the paper and flow with the emotional impact your characters deserve. Furthermore, we can test initial implementation and dialogue flow using our custom tool.

Building a Phonetics And Pronunciation Database

We ensure your game's unique names and descriptive words are spoken correctly and uniformly.

We can help you create a phonetics and pronunciation database to ensure your game's unique names and descriptive words are spoken accurately and consistently. We will assist you in compiling this information in a user-friendly format that can be easily searched and shared with your cast of actors.

Preparing Character Sheets

Ensuring that your actors can step into the shoes of their characters and truly immerse themselves in the role.

Creating character sheets is critical to enabling actors to embody their roles and engage with their characters fully. We are well-equipped to craft these for you or train you to create your own templates. Our actors have consistently praised the meticulous attention to detail that we provide.

Preparing In-Game Assets For Better Dialogue Performance

Music, SFX, Ambiance, art and other visual assets help immerse the actor in your world.

Integrating music, sound effects, ambience, art, and other visual assets can significantly enhance actors' immersion in your gaming environment, leading to improved performance. We are readily available to assist in setting up and incorporating these elements into your scripts. Our custom tool allows the playback of these assets during recording sessions in conjunction with an actor's lines.

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