Facial Performance Capture

Preparing Character Assets

From Rigging to Skinning your characters, whether 2D or 3D, we have the expertise to handle anything of the highest quality.

We’ll prepare your character assets using our custom pipeline for facial performance capture - ensuring your characters can adequately express facial expressions. We can also consult with your 2D and 3D art teams on how to model and prepare the characters before rigging and skinning.

In-House Production

Markerless facial performance capture with or without a head-mounted camera system (HMD).

Using the latest technology for facial performance capture, we can record video and depth data without needing markers, speeding up the process considerably while capturing every nuance of emotional expression. We can work directly in-engine with Unreal or using a combination of iClone and Blender.  We can supply the raw video and depth data footage so you can process it yourself, or we can handle everything in-house.

Remote Production

We can supply actors with the equipment needed for remote performance capture sessions.

As with our ability to do remote dialogue production sessions, this is extended to facial performance capture. We can provide the talent with the same equipment we use in-house and manage setup and sessions using a combination of our tools and Source Connect.

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