Capturing the process through photography or filming sessions, coupled with informative blog posts, presents a viable opportunity to foster engagement with your community.

Doing so enables them to develop an in-depth understanding of your game, its storyline, and its characters, leading to a more immersive experience. Additionally, this strategy serves as a bridge between game players and developers.

Filming Recording Sessions

We can provide the option to film recording sessions utilising multiple cameras, which facilitates in-depth analysis of the voice and facial performance capture process involved in your project.

We will supply you with the unedited footage to review with your marketing team. This service offers an exceptional opportunity to provide your audience with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at your game's characters, storyline, and other essential elements before and after deployment.

Voice Line Outtakes

We can provide the complete session recordings instead of just the take selections or supply the out-takes separately.

Unexpected occurrences can often accompany voice recording sessions. As voice actors are known to spend extensive periods in a recording booth, it is not uncommon for entertaining and creative outtakes to emerge. These outtakes can entertain your community and provide another asset in your marketing playbook.

Social boost from the Voice Actors

Numerous voice actors with whom we have previously collaborated have expressed a willingness to assist in promoting the games they have participated in.

Their involvement can take various forms, from sharing social media posts to providing a brief interview about their creative process and experience portraying characters in your game. By establishing relationships with voice actors beyond the scope of the current project, you can cultivate a group of enthusiastic advocates who are already invested in developing your game.

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