Creative Dialogue Recording


Using the highest possible quality recording chain combined with our purpose-built, acoustically tuned recording space.

We use DPA 4060 micro lavaliere mics mounted on the actor, allowing total performance freedom when recording. This is then fed into the highest quality pre-amps and AD/DA provided by a Merging Technologies Horus and Anubis, usually used for high-end orchestral recording. We can display Scripts and game assets on a ceiling-mounted 42-inch monitor, giving the actors context at all times for their lines, handled by our in-house toolset.

Remote Recording Sessions

Many VAs have home recording setups, so we can connect directly to their studios and manage sessions from our facilities as if they were here.

Although we always prefer to have the talent recording in our facility, it can be more economical to have them working from their studios at home, especially if you want to use actors around the globe. We currently use Source Connect, which allows us to connect directly to them, recording directly into our system and allowing for two-way video; however, we’re building this functionality into our toolset.

Voice Direction

Getting the best performance out of actors while ensuring the game’s vision is always upheld.

With proper preparation, voice direction only requires a light touch, allowing the actors to push their creativity to the maximum while understanding the constraints of the game’s vision. We manage voice direction in-house, working closely with your team’s writers and designers.

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