Assisting fellow game studios of all sizes with casting, dialogue production, facial performance capture and audio and animation post-production to elevate the narrative storytelling in their games.

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AAA quality game dialogue and facial performance capture on any budget and for any project size.

Script & Dialogue Preparation

We specialise in crafting game scripts optimised for voice-over treatment, resulting in exceptional actor performances and the highest quality dialogue.

Casting Services

Our professional casting services are designed to ensure that every character is expertly matched with the most suitable voice while also providing actors with a platform to showcase their creative talents.

Creative Dialogue Recording

Our purpose-built recording facilities provide the highest quality recording chain, and we can also manage remote recording sessions, allowing you to work with a global talent pool.

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Facial Performance Capture

We can handle the whole pipeline, from preparing your 2D and 3D character assets in preparation for facial animation to the final Render or Integration. We can also work directly in-engine while recording the facial performance.

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Audio & Animation Post-Production

We have extensive experience in audio post-production, animation cleanup, and final integration and testing. You can trust us to handle your project's final asset preparation with professionalism and expertise, resulting in high-quality results that meet your exact specifications.

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Marketing Assets

Recording dialogue and facial performance capture presents a valuable opportunity to document the process through video and photography, which may prove beneficial for marketing campaigns. Additionally, it is worth noting that most voice talent are enthusiastic about supporting projects post-launch.

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We pride ourselves on building excellent relationships between game developers and voice talent. Creative collaboration is at the centre of everything we do.

The casting pack was such high quality and the dialogue was so well written…it felt like it was intended for the human mouth, which isn’t always the case.

WalleS Hamonde

Voice Actor

There was a big air of excitement around the audition and casting process…

It was hard not to want to be a part of it!

Steph Novak

Voice Actor

Even though I hadn’t heard of them before, you could tell they were an incredibly professional team just by how the casting pack was laid out.


Voice Actor

The post-production work done on my voice came out really well - I was really pleased with it, which is a testament to the audio team at Dream Harvest


Voice Actor


We’re an independent game developer making deep, hard-hitting, narrative-focused games for all platforms.

The team at Dream Harvest has over a decade and a half of experience working on dialogue, cinematic and animations for games and other media projects across indie, AAA and animation industries.

We’ve also managed the entire pipeline with our internal titles, NeuroSlicers, NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy and Project Nightmare, including, but not limited to, writing, script prep, casting, recording, voice directing, performance capture, dialogue editing, mixing, mastering and integration.

We’ve been nominated for several awards for our storytelling and dialogue production on our titles, and ultimately, we have a love of all things narrative and the experience to bring AAA quality to any title.


We want to see more game studios integrate voiced dialogue into their games as It can elevate the narrative storytelling in a game from good to great.

Additionally, facial performance capture enhances the credibility of characters and deepens the bond between the player and the characters through the convincing display of emotions.

When actors infuse every word with emotional nuance, the interaction between characters becomes genuine and convincing, a feat that is challenging to accomplish through writing alone.

Ultimately, we aim to assist studios in designing immersive universes, captivating characters, and compelling narratives that players will cherish for years.

Why should you add VO to Your Games?

Many smaller studios forgo the inclusion of voiced dialogue in their games at the detriment of their narrative and characters.

Some may not realise the impact of fully or even partially voiced characters on their games. Perhaps some would rather forgo its inclusion for fear that poor-quality dialogue can ruin an experience, as it has done on countless projects.

Other studios think adding VO to their games will be too expensive or complicated to manage. Others feel that if they have English dialogue in their game, they’ll need to record the dialogue in other languages when localising.

Sometimes, it's a combination of some or all of the above.

The truth is that most of the above are either not true or easily solvable. Achieving high-quality dialogue and facial performance capture can be accomplished without breaking the bank or making the development process overly complex with the proper pipeline, expertise, and experience.

The value it brings to a game is immeasurable. The connection that a player will have with your characters and the world you’ve built is elevated beyond what can be achieved with text alone.

The perceived quality of many games could have been improved if they had included voiced dialogue, and we want to make sure that you and your games understand the value that can come with it.

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