Preparing A Casting Pack

Casting can be complex and time-consuming if you’re not adequately prepared.

The success of your casting process relies heavily on the quality of your casting pack. We are here to assist you in putting together a comprehensive package that will enable you to assess the actors according to the required criteria while giving them everything they need to provide the best audition.

Conducting Open/Closed Casting Calls

If you need assistance in managing open or closed casting calls, we can help.

We have access to a diverse roster of voice talent via our in-house global VA talent database. It can also assist in conducting casting calls through social media and other databases. We will guide you through the whole process, from initial VA reach out to the final selection process and provide advice on choosing the best actor for your characters.

Casting With Diversity & Representation In Mind

Making sure that actors and their characters align is essential and something some studios don’t consider.

We always make sure that if you have a character from a particular ethnic background, if they are a POC or have a specific gender identity, the actor playing them should match. Our database accounts for this and is easily searchable, allowing us to fit all criteria and ensuring proper representation in all the projects we work on.

Contracts and Contract Negotiation

We have a template contract which can be used and can help with contract negotiation with your chosen talent.

Often, Actors have fixed session/day rates and buyout rates, especially if they are union only. However, we can often negotiate better rates with specific projects based on their budgets and quality of writing and characters.

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